Monday, 27 May 2019

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The M&E is the major management task of the project. It gives suggestions and real situation analysis to management team to take decisions to steer the project in intended manner. A comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation System of HVAP has been developed. It integrates three tools Result and Impact Management System (RIMS), Logframe and Donors' Community for Enterprise Development (DCED) Result Chain. The major features of the M&E System of HVAP are as follows:

Integrated Approach of three tools:

The M&E System of HVAP integrates three tools like Result and Impact Monitoring System (RIMS-IFAD), Project Log Frame and Result Chain of Donor Committee Enterprise Development Standard (DCED Result Chain). The project monitors and evaluates its' results based on these tools. The project will carry out annual outcome monitoring by household survey of each value chain based on log frame and result chain. The outcome monitoring will show each year whether the project reached its overall targets and provide feedback to the management for further strategy if needed.

Decentralized Data and Information Collection System:

The data and information will be collected in four levels based on the responsibility of the project and partners staff. Total of 21 formats have been developed to collect data of the project. The system has four levels of formats which are named as A, B, C, and D which will be filled by social Mobilisers, district coordinators, partner organizations and PMU professionals. The M&E unit of the project will compile all data, verify and then use and disseminate accordingly. The following figure explains the system.

Decentralized Data Collection System

Img: Decentralized Data Collection System

Tracking the Production, Consumption, Sales and Income Data of the Individual Producers and Traders:

The formats have been developed to collect data of individual producers and traders. The household level data like inputs supply, production, consumption, collection, sales and income will be tracked and stored in MIS. This data will help the project to identify the outputs and outcomes of its interventions periodically by crop cycle. The project stakeholders can also get access in those data through internet.

Use of MIS and GIS to Manage and Storage of the Data of the Project:

MIS is a necessary tool to collect and store data and information for future use. The web based data collection centre will be developed at PMU level and will collect the data like, inputs and outputs, production and sales, target and achievements etc from the district directly by internet. The MIS also helps staff to carry out the tasks in short period efficiently. The GIS will be established and will show the data like collection centers, market centers, production clusters/pockets of each value chain etc along the road corridors geographically. The information will be shown in maps before and after scenario of project intervention as well as online in Google Map.

HVAP DATA MANAGEMENT (Data and Information Collection, and Dissemination)

HVAP Data Managemant

Annual Outcome Monitoring by Household Survey:

The annual outcome survey will be carried for each value chain. It helps project management to find the level of achievements by comparing with baseline data.

Knowledge Management and learning:

Everyone has knowledge that can be used to achieve the projects as well as organizational objectives. The process of identifying, capturing, using and disseminating knowledge is called knowledge management. Knowledge management is one of the main M&E activities of HVAP. The HVAP will manage the knowledge in an accessible way to the project stakeholders as well as other development actors, for scaling up innovations, promoting good practices and influencing policies thereby contributing in reduction of rural poverty. The HVAP will use different tools to share its knowledge like story telling (farmer to farmers), communities of practice (group to group/ community to community), peer assist (organizational level) etc. The following diagram reflects the knowledge management system of HVAP.

Knowledge Managemant System

Img:Knowledge Management System
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