Monday, 27 May 2019


Management Information System (MIS) of the HVAP basically focuses on project inputs and its results. It has two parts: one is data input and other is output. It is web based MIS,Offline, and Android Tablet Based MIS and helps to partner organizations for online and offline reporting. It streamlines the data management system of the HVAP into M&E system. The MIS is expected in helping Monitoring and Evaluation system by using state-of-art technology and World Wide Web (www). Apart from this, the MIS aims to reflect the distributive nature of working behavior of the HVAP in submitting the data of project activities, which are scattered around ten districts to PMU and generating desired reports in printable formats required for various recipients. There are three parts of MIS, which have been given below:

HVAP MIS Software :

1.Web based online MIS(

2.Offline MIS (For Windows operating system)

3.Offline Android  Tablet Based MIS (Android operating system)

Data entry Forms

SNO.RoleData Entry FormViewed byApRemarks
1 NGO Households, Groups and Cooperatives Information Format- (Social Mobiliser);   A1  
2 NGO Group Members' Baseline Data Format- (Social Mobiliser);   A2  
3 NGO Individual Level Inputs Support Format- (Social Mobiliser);   A3 No need to entry
4 NGO User Group Information Format- (Social Mobiliser);   A4  
5 NGO Individual Farmers' Income Data Format (other VCs)- (Social Mobiliser);   A5(1)  
6 NGO Individual Farmers' Income Data (Goat Value Chain-(Social Mobilizers)   A5(2)  
7 NGO Group and Cooperatives' Income Information Format- (District Coordinator);   A6 Report Format
8 NGO Board Members' Information in VC Groups/User Groups/Cooperatives Format- (Social Mobiliser);   A7  
9 NGO/TRADERS Trainings and Participants Format- (District Coordinator);   B1  
10 NGO/TRADERS Group and Cooperative Level Inputs/Tools/Equipments Support Format- (District Coordinator);   B2  
11 NGO Cooperatives/Agro-vets/LRPs Service Provide Information Format- (District Coordinator);   B3  
12 NGO/TRADERS Infrastructure Development Format- (District Coordinator);   B4  
13 NGO/Traders Producers/Traders sales volume and value records format- (DC/IB Adviser/IB Officer/HVAP Specialist)   B5  
14 PMU Value Chain Status Format- (Value Chain Adviser/Officer);   C1 No need to entry
15 PMU Business Plan Information Format- (Business Plan Development Officer);   C2  
16 PMU Market Arrangement Information Format- (Inclusive Business Adviser/DCCI/AEC/NGO);   C3  
17 DADO/DLSO/NGO/TRADER Physical and Financial Progress Report Format (Grant Recipient)- (Group/cooperative/Trader/Individual Researcher & Demonstrator);   C4  
18 PMU/SNV/AEC/DADO Physical and Financial Progress Report Format (Partners)- (GoN/SNV/AEC/NGO);   C5  
19 PMU Workshops and Trainings Record Format- (Planning Officer);   C6  
20 PMU Knowledge Records Format (KM)- (KM & Communication Coordinator);   C7  
21 PMU Sub-Projects Installment Payment Record Format- (Fund and Contract Manager);   C8  
22 PMU Financial Progress Summary Format- (Account Officer);   C9 REPORT
23 PMU/MOAD/DADO/DR/DLSO/DFO/DCCI Process Monitoring Format (Group and Cooperative)-D1.1 (PMU/Line Agencies/Audit Group);   D1.1  
24 PMU/MOAD/DADO/DR/DLSO/DFO/DCCI Process Monitoring Format (Agribusiness)- D1.2 (PMU/Line Agencies/Audit Group);   D1.2  
25 PMU/MOAD/DADO/DR/DLSO/DFO/DCCI Inputs/outputs (sub-projects) Monitoring Format-(M&E)   D2 RELATED TO C4
26   SIMES Formats -(M&E).   D3 REPORT

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